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Everything your best friend needs

Dog Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

Your best friend deserves the best in grooming, boarding and daycare services.
Welcome to Lovely Doggy House!


Puppy Love

Proper imprinting of social interaction is vital for puppies from 3 to 18 months. This is the peak time for puppies to learn dog language from older dogs who will correct bad behavior. This will ensure your puppy is aware of his surrounding and respectful of others.

About Our House

“Our dog is very happy here. The owner is very nice, we leave our dog every time we are not in Fredericton and we knows it is the best place in town!”

– Julia G.
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Happy Campers

Take a Peek Into the Lovely Doggy House

Your dog will come home calm, tired and ready for cuddles with the family after a social and playful day with his canine friends!

Clean, Safe and Welcoming

We promise to fulfill your dog’s psychological and instinctual needs by providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Fido can chew on his favourite toy, participate in group play, lounge in a kiddie pool, or even take a nap after being tuckered out from all the fun!

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