About Us

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Only The Best For your best friend

What We Do For Your Dog

Our goal at “Lovely Doggy House” dog daycare is to provide a safe and stimulating social environment for your dog. We have rich background in the dog daycare and kennel business. “Lovely Doggy House” is dedicated to the health and well being of all of our canine visitors and we are devoted to providing the best daytime care and companionship for your pet.

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Great Care For All Dogs

Lovely Doggy House offers high quality canine daycare during weekday business hours and in addition, we offer overnight kennelling services. We welcome any dog regardless of age or size to our lovely and warm facility.

“This place is heaven for your dog, we had a meet and greet with our boy and was accepted into the daycare with his good behavior. They have 3 different areas for different sizes of dogs so little ones are mixed with big dogs. They offer grooming and boarding also with a very nice facility. The staff are amazing with the pups and you know they are passionate about these animals. Can’t recommend this place enough and it’s worth every penny 10/10.”

– Scott M.
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Doggy Smiles All Around

See Dogs Enjoying Our Lovely Doggy House

Your dog will come home calm, tired and ready for cuddles with the family after a social and playful day with his canine friends!

Why Choose Us

There are several reasons why should you consider using our services for your dog:

  • Daytime activity can control or eliminate undesirable behavior in the home due to boredom, separation anxiety or stress.
  • We provide a big and fenced place for your dog to play with others.
  • We provide fitness and training for your dog, as well as plenty of human interaction and one-on-one attention.